About Youth 4 Youth

A website created by and for youth involved with DYFS, DCBHS, and the JJC.

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About Youth 4 Youth

Welcome to New Jersey’s only website by and for youth involved with any of New Jersey’s state agencies that serve young people, such as the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS), the Division of Child Behavioral Health Services (DCBHS), and the Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC). NJYouth4Youth.com is here for you. Throughout this website, there is loads of information, written by young people themselves or by attorneys and advocates working with and on behalf of youth. For example, check out our Hot Topics and Questions and Answers sections where we have loads of information about how you can get financial assistance to go to college, tips on how you can rent your own apartment, who you should contact if you need health insurance, and what you should do if you or a friend are feeling depressed or suicidal. Also, in the recent and featured work sections, you will see poems, art work, and articles created by New Jersey youth. We would love to see more - so if you have the inclination to be creative, please submit your work. New works will be added regularly. And if you have a burning question, please ask. You have the choice to ask an Expert (lawyers, social workers, or other professionals) or ask another youth or both.


This website was developed with the assistance and support of many dedicated professionals in the community.

  • Megann Anderson - Executive Director, New Jersey Alliance for Children, Youth & Families
  • Lorraine Augostini, Esq. - Deputy Public Defender, Office of the Law Guardian
  • Mary Coogan, Esq. - Assistant Director, Advocates for Children of New Jersey
  • Charles Hatchett - Director, New Jersey Alliance of Family Support Organizations
  • Nicole Hellreigel - Kids Count Coordinator, Advocates for Children of New Jersey
  • Angela Drayton - Department of Children & Families, Division of Child Behavioral Health
  • Keeva Kase - Director of Program Services, Court Appointed Special Advocates
  • Sharon Lauchaire - Public Information Officer, Juvenile Justice Commission
  • Randi Mandelbaum, Esq. - Director, Rutgers Child Advocacy Clinic
  • Betsy Montalvo - Independant Living Coordinator, Division Youth & Family Services
  • Janice Neitzer - President, Foster and Adoptive Family Services
  • Nana W. Olson, Esq. - Clinical Law Fellow, Rutgers Child Advocacy Clinic
  • Daniel Oscar - President, CEO, Princeton Center for Leadership Training
  • Maria Paradiso, MSW - Project Manager, Transitions for Youth
  • Nancy Parello - Director of Communication, Advocates for Children of New Jersey
  • Stacey Patton - Writer/Editor Dept. of Communications, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
  • Amy Vasquez, Esq. - Chair, New Jersey State Bar association, Children's rights Committee