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How to...Do Your Laundry

Take these steps towards fresh clean clothes.

Step 1:  Make sure you have a lot of quartes with you for the washer and dryer

Step 2:  Separate your clothes into 3 catagories: whites, brights, and darks

Step 3:  Flip your shirts inside out (so colors do not fade)

Step 4:  Temperatures for your wash: whites in hot water, brights & darks in cool water

Step 5:  Measure the detergent by instructions on back of bleach and detergent bottles

Step 6:  Pour detergent into washer in the designated spot

Step 7:  Start the washer and add clothes

Step 8:  Put the clothes in the dryer once your wash has stopped.

Step 9:  If you are at a Laundromat, skip this step.  If you are at home, hang your delicates to air dry (such as sweaters)

Step 10:  Close and turn on dryer.  The time you set the dryer on should be by the amount of clothes you put in.  (example: if you do not have a lot of clothes then it should be less time in the dryer)

Step 11:  Once all the clothes are dry; remove clothes and fold!