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Featured Work & Hot Topics

Welcome to the "Featured Work and Hot Topics" page!  This is a place where you will find artwork, personal stories, and poetry written by youth.  This is described as "Featured Work."  Youth involved with DYFS, DCBHS, JJC, and other systems in NJ have submitted works which reflect their feelings, emotions and experiences. It is an opportunity for youth to share with, and hear from, other youth in similar situations.  Featured Work can be browsed by category in the drop downs below.

You also will see our "Hot Topics."  Here is where information from experienced professionals can be found, organized by topic.  These hot topics can be browsed in the drop downs below.

Featured Work (work by youth) & Hot Topics (information from professionals) will be updated regularly.

Sharing Your Personal Experience

Guidelines For Submitting Your Work

  1. Keep It Clean – obscene, vulgar, and/or sexually explicit language or images will not be posted

  2. Keep It Respectful – threatening, abusive, harassing, hateful, and/or racist language or images will not be posted

  3. Keep It Private – No identifying information, other than a first name, will be posted. You may submit work by your first name, by a pseudo-name, or anonymously. Your email address is required so that the website administrators can get in touch with you if necessary. This information will not be released to anyone or used for any other reason.

Sharing Your Personal Experiences

Sharing your story or personal experiences can influence and inspire others. However, talking about your personal experience can carry some risks, such as sharing too much, which can affect you or your relationships with those you talk about in your story. When you are sharing, you want to minimize the risk and maximize the meaning of your story, by making it constructive and effective.

There are 3 strategies to keep in mind so you can strategically share with others:

  1. Choose What You Share

    1. Decide what your purpose is for sharing

    2. Decide what you are willing to share

    3. Decide what details you want to share, while still maintaining privacy

2. Remember a website is public and you will not be able to control who sees and reads it

3. Think about your purpose and reason for writing

4. Interpret the meaning of your story so it is not misinterpreted

  1. Explain why you are sharing your experiences

  2. Connect your feelings and emotions to the purpose of your story

For more information on sharing your story with others, check out this link from the Casey Family Programs and Foster Care Alumni of America. http://www.fostercarealumni.org/userfiles/file/Strategic%20Sharing%20Booklet.pdf.