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Welcome To My World

When I was 14, my mom had another seed
She left him with his father just like she did to me.
He has a good father but it's mommy that he needs.
Just a year ago I saw my mom out on the streets.

It broke my heart to pieces
She barely noticed me.
I know God made that happen so I could give her the motivation that she needs.
I wanted to help her,
So I changed my plans, not realizing addiction was in her own hands
So not knowing the ways of addiction, disappointment came,
And through my actions, I misplaced my anger and my pain.
Soon enough my feelings progressed into rage.
I put my sadness on myself because I had no one to blame,
So I turned to drugs.
My life became wrapped around my own addiction,
Being so unaware and playing with my life as if it were fiction.
But life is too real to play around as if your brain is missing.
People look up to me.
There's so much I want to do with my life from plan A-Z.
I want to see my brother so he can get to know me
ANs See how being positive can get you to where you want to be.
I want to tell young people wasting your life isn't worth it.
Life is so much more precious than what it appears on the surface.
I'll let all the young girls know how much their life with is;
It's worth more than sex, drugs, money and men who treat you like you're worthless.
I'm learning how to love myself.
I'm not perfect, so I'll need some help.
I'm beautiful and beauty is based on more than wealth.
So many aspirations, I know I'll never fail.
So thankful to be in this program rather than in jail.
Because I'd make no progress,
I'd just be rotting in a cell,
Without my parents support I don't know where I'd be.
Their love keeps me grounded and now without the drugs and sex,
My mind feels free,
I can be more than a statistic. I can be me.
My insides were dying because of my depression,
So I acted out and now I finally learned my lesson.
I'm locked down but now in a reality it's a blessing.
I'm in a program and i'm finding my way.
I learn new things about myself everyday.
I'm positive now and I won't let anything get in my way.
No one can bring me down, I have too much to accomplish.
So to all the people who hurt me, I forgive them now.
My success is so close I can almost taste it
And the time I spend at DOVES will not be wasted!