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Welcome To My World

I'm drowning in felonies
I'm full of hatred and bad memories
Nobody is going to carry me
So I'll walk through life with my two bare feet

I'm so scared of messing up
That's why I was doing drugs
That's why I'm getting drunk
to cover up bumps like cover-up

I ain't a thief, a rapist or a thug
I'm just a man
Without a plan
Feeling ignored, hated, and unloved

I know this girl
And she's all I ever think about
She wants to know why I don't ask her out
Because I don't know what she'd do when I'm not around

She says that she loves me and cares for me,
Over the phone
But I don't know if she really loves me
Or is she is cheating while she's at home

My stress is about to overload
I can't take it
I'm about to explode
Break down and go insanely crazy

If you see the good, quiet me, it's fake
Don't go by it when you see me
I'm just scheming
I'm one of those psychos you see on T.V.

I wish in life I would stop walking
And start running
I'm done messing up
God I want to be something