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Visa Information

Before coming to the United States you will need to schedule an embassy appointment to be interviewed for a visa. Once you have an appointment you will want to carefully plan for your visa interview. Keep the following in mind.

Document Preparation

You will need to bring the following items to the interview: Your signed immigration document from the school, institutional acceptance letter, financial statement, sponsor letter, your valid passport, and another form of picture identification. Please keep in mind that it is always better to bring more than less to the interview, so if you have any other documents that might be useful, bring them. You never know what the officers at the embassy are going to ask for. The consulate of each country may have other requirements. Please check with your consulate to see if any other documents are required.

The Visa Interview

During the interview, it is natural to be nervous, but try not to stress too much. Remember that the officer’s main concern is your intention to study in the US. The visa that you are applying for (F, J, M etc.) is strictly a student or study visa, so it is only meant to allow you to get an education in the US, after which you are fully expected by the US government to go back home. Be certain to state your intention to return to your home country after your studies have been completed. If you do not state this intention, the officer is much more inclined to deny your visa. Other than that point, just be prepared to express yourself well in English and be as honest as you can.


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