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When I came to Georgia Southern University, I was the only student from my country. However, I felt at home here almost immediately, because people here in Georgia and at Georgia Southern are very friendly and welcoming. Coming from a cold country, I absolutely love the long summers in Georgia! I really enjoy the international environment, and the multitude of opportunities that Georgia Southern has to offer.

Silvia Tamminen - Finland
Silvia Tamminen - Finland @ Georgia Southern University

At Agnes Scott, we celebrate diversity as part of our learning experience. Our discussion-based small classes and professors who know you on a first name basis give a personalized touch to learning. I also had the remarkable opportunity to study abroad in France for a semester. Our campus is beautiful, and it is not uncommon to have a class out on the quad. ASC’s proximity to downtown Decatur and access to greater Atlanta also offers students a convenient way to be engaged in the community at large.

Senam Apaloo - Accra, Ghana
Senam Apaloo - Accra, Ghana @ Agnes Scott College

The philosophy of the teachers that encourage you to open up and get to know the world,” says Wei. People here are optimistic and energetic. Life is fast, busy, but there's a lot of freedom.

Wei Zeng - Chengdu, China
Wei Zeng - Chengdu, China @ Armstrong Atlantic State University

In my opinion, for my first experience of attending a university in the United States, GPC was the best choice. Indeed, it is the best link or bridge that exists for international students between their home country school system and the four year universities in the US. I have had great experiences that permitted me to adapt myself to the US culture. GPC is so diverse and welcomes students from all around the world which made me feel comfortable. I became involved in campus organizations which helped me to improve my leadership and social skills.

Nasser C. - Mali
Nasser C. - Mali @ Georgia Perimeter College

International students are warmly welcomed at the University of Georgia from the very first day. My exchange year was filled with outstanding academics, endless extracurricular activities and a priceless experience of personal growth. The southern hospitality and the amazing opportunities offered at UGA will keep Georgia on my mind for the rest of my life.

Claudio Berther - Switzerland
Claudio Berther - Switzerland @ University of Georgia

Choosing UWG was the turning point in my life. From the 1st day I came to UWG, it was as if I was introduced to a whole new world. UWG offers me a total education and discipline. Staff members are very supportive and helpful. Their encouragement built my self-esteem and made me a confident person. I thank UWG for having made a huge difference in my life.

Gowthami Thayaparan - Sri Lanka
Gowthami Thayaparan - Sri Lanka @ University of West Georgia

Coming to Atlanta has been an eye-opening experience in terms of diversity. People from all over the world gather here. It is exciting to find such a mixture of cultures. I never knew I would enjoy Thai food so much, or that Bhangra dances would be so fun to watch!  One might initially think about New York City when thinking about diversity, but Atlanta has proved to have an incredible opportunity to meet people both similar and different from me.

Luka Anic - Zagreb, Croatia
Luka Anic - Zagreb, Croatia @ Emory University

When I first visited here, I fell in love with the town. It has its own vibe. It’s so much fun and has a lot of cool people and so that’s why I came to Savannah. I love that SCAD has a lot of international students. I’m really encouraged that the school has the wider range and more diversity. It just gives you the whole experience of getting to know more people and being globalized. It’s a great way to learn cultures from different countries.

Parin Sarasin - Bangkok, Thailand
Parin Sarasin - Bangkok, Thailand @ Savannah College of Art and Design

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